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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Again

Hi guys! Check out the new SDZ Comm 2012 photo. Thought it looked pretty cool after the editing and all.

I may be just the publicity head but hey I do take pride in my role!

Anyways.. a huge warm hello to anyone who still reads this space! I haven't had the time to actually update my blog, as you can see.

This month's been pretty crazy for me, what with all the CA's and SDZ committee stuff for me to do. Trust me when I say the word 'crazy' is sorta underrated to use for such a situation.

On days with committee meetings, I've had to rush back and forth from The Agency (that's where we DMC peeps do work nowadays since most of our classes are there) where my groupmates and I discuss and finish up projects, and to our meeting areas at either Mob or the main library, then rushing back to The Agency again after we're done with our meeting. It's CRAAAAAAAZY!

But hey I enjoy being kept busy, so I consider it a feat because I've never seen myself multi-task so well before.

And oh, congrats to everyone graduating recently! My Facebook timeline has been flooded with photos and albums of people graduating - from SP to NP to NYP and TP! Met a senior of mine after her graduation ceremony and boy did I love that feeling. It made me wish I was graduating too.

A little achievement I've had recently was getting Top 16 for Get Down! Vol. 5. It might not be that big a feat to those reading this now, but over 100+ particpants... and I got Top 16. Not to mention it's only my second public battle. Wow. Once again, it's crazy.

Got such good comments from Zaihar, Daniel and D.T. that it made my day even better!

I came home that night and the first thing I said was "Gerald! GERALDDDDDDDD!"

My brother came out of the room and gave me this confused face. So did my parents. My mom and dad were asking me what's wrong because I'm not the person to affectionately call my brother out of his room first thing when I come home.

The feeling when I calmly said, "Top 16!" and my brother's "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" reaction + a hug = priceless

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