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Friday, June 01, 2012


Almost puked today and ugh I hate puking so when I was leaning over the toilet bowl I stopped myself and swallowed it back down. It was horrible. Haven't felt this sick in forever but now I can't sleep due to my stomach being such a bitch. 

 So here I am up and doing more camp stuff since we are technically in a race against time for this. Time was never on our side for this, sadly.

Since I've been home, sick today with a bad tummy, I've been having my Hellcats marathons inbetween doing all the SDZ camp stuff.

And boy am I addicccccccccccccted!

I want their bodies. Do you hear that? It's me sighing. They're so toned and fit.

All I've done between episodes was to watch tumbling tutorials. Can you imagine me doing what the guy in the video's doing? It's amazing! I do miss being a gymnast.

Next up on my bucketlist? Nailing down
1) A back handspring, 2) A front handspring, 3) A front walkover, 4) A Round Off

Round offs should be the closest to what I can do. Hm, somersaults - check. Handstands - check and check. I presume - from all the videos - that a round off is just a somersault but you snap your legs close in the end?

Should pester Zul on that tumbling gym he goes to. I REALLY want to learn how to tumble :(

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