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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Blues

Before and after a haircut.

Please pardon the pimples on the chin! 3 in a row ugh that's a new record.

Hair looks the same though. But hey my hairstylist had my hair layered more on purpose so as to let it grow out nicer. Gotta love (and stick to) a hairstylist when he actually listens to what you want and had in mind.

I can't believe I start school at 8am EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And yet here I am online and wide awake at 2.38am when I begin my first day as a year 2 student in Singapore Polytechnic tomorrow. Epic shit. Best thing? I start my week with Gen Ed at 8am. If it weren't for Gen Ed I would wake up at 8am (to be at school by 10am) instead!

On a side note, say hi to the new Publications person in SDZ's new committee.

Da-yum, I'm feeling the stress already.

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