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Thursday, December 29, 2011

ABCD with a chance of pizza + 金枕头

Celebrated Christmas again; this time with ABCD!

We were meant to cook but let's just say we all didn't do proper planning and it resulted in us ordering 4 extra-large pizzas and 2 金枕头's (Golden Pillow - it's super dope). Had a good time with them even though I would be quite bored if I were them. My house isn't exactly the kind of place you'd like to hold parties at because that's how boring it is here.

I actually laughed as I looked back at these photos, that's how awesome it was.. well to me at least.

Can't wait till Friday because I'm gonna be celebrating Christmas and New Year with SDZ at a BBQ. It's gonna be AWESOME.

Back to making my Christmas stuff!

(There's this horrifying pimple on my nose. I know, I know.)

How was your Christmas?

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