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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O School Recital 2011

Photos from O School Recital 2011 quite a while back!

Damn I know I haven't been updating much but I've been a busy gurl......

..and also because I was stuck in the "Edit HTML" mode instead of "Compose" mode for quite a bit on Google Chrome.

Watched a few things that inspired me recently. First one being Freedom Writers and second one being Switched At Birth.

S@B inspired me to start picking up ASL, and I've learnt how to sign a few words from the show itself. It's an amazing show, y'all should go watch it. So far I've watched some YouTube videos on signing simple phrases and stuff.

I've always known that I wanted to eventually do something dance-related and kid-related when I'm older. For months now I've been holding off the idea of helping out at orphanages and all - not to sound like some samaritan-wannabe but I've always loved kids and wanted to do something more for them - due to my hectic schedule from both dance + schoolwork.

Still remembered how when we were brought to MINDS to do CIP back in secondary 3 as a class.. we had so much fun working with the kids there because they're really beautiful. I remembered this kid in particular who wore a pair of hearing aids if I'm not wrong and had someone by his side all the time. So cute.

Maybe I should just help with kids in the deaf community in future? I would LOVE doing that especially since I think people from the deaf community deserve so much more..

But for now I should just stick to figuring how to manage my time for Christmas.

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