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Friday, December 09, 2011


It's 2:23am and I'm not asleep yet when I have to be in school for a lecture at 8:20am. I doubt we'll be having an actual lecture though since I heard the hour's gonna be spent doing our camp briefing and handing out of camp booklets.

Well okay I've slept enough from like 6-11pm so I'm guessing that's enough sleep for one day.

We're going for DMC bootcamp tomorrow! Kinda exciting cuz everyone in my group has been to CASS FOC (except Min). It's gonna be fun I hope cuz we're all pretty awesome campers.. ;)

I'm still up choreographing for the camp's talent show. Not sure if I should really be taking part because I'm getting jittery just thinking about it, but Ms Trudy was telling me I should since I came "highly recommended by Ms Pam". Hope to see Ms Pam - my PTN - around at camp. My class has missed seeing her around in school since she doesn't teach us any modules for this semester.

Oh the irony.

And did I mention? This is the first camp I've been to where I have to lug semi-formal clothes and my MacBook to the dairy farm. Awesome.. not.

I've been doing a lot of thinking.

You know that feeling where you really, really miss someone you were once close to? A really good friend?

I'm getting that feeling now. Really miss how we used to be.

Key phrase: Used to be.

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