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Saturday, April 09, 2011


These crazy girls came over to my place in the morning to surprise me. Thank God I was already awake and trying to configure out how to use my MacBook.. so they didn't catch me in some embarassing sleeping position or something.

But Rach did film down my reaction when they walked into my room. When I heard the doorbell I honestly thought it was my mom.

Then they cooked breakfast for me while I did nothing because they insisted I stayed away from the kitchen. They didn't even let me clear up or wash the dishes!

Oh yeah so I turned 18 yesterday. Which wasn't as glamorous as what people would think. I mean, it's just another day no? Needless to say I didn't throw some awesome party, but spent my day with the awesome peeps from CASS Freshmen Orientation Camp! Namely Wee, Alvin and Kylie...... whom I'll be seeing again later at Vivocity for dinner.

And for the first time I actually stepped inside the Somerset skatepark. Too bad Alex wasn't working or I could see him do his thing. Like, see what makes him clinch the top positions in competitions haha!

And for the first time I felt damn empty without dance. Need to dance more often heehee but for now I'm gonna enjoy my free time hanging out and chillin' cuz school's starting!

But yeah I think I'm gonna keep dancing till I get old or something. No idea what I'd do without dance ;)

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