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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Second Thoughts/Back Brace?!

Finally some photos to save my blog with!

Took these around the house today since I was bored. Woke up to a really stiff back. It hurt like hell to the point that I swear I couldn't really sit up in the morning. After a while I managed to sit up (loads of groans in the process) but I found that I couldn't twist around without feeling the pain.

I don't wanna have to wear a back brace seriously.

Skipped work and wanted to go for Zaihar's.. but my back didn't agree and my stomach had to join in the party. Well done body, well done. Ganging up against the brain I see?

And oh I got both my packages from NYP and SP yesterday! Hello hell.

Aaron was telling me how troublesome it'd be.. and after going through just ONE part of the registration I agree 100%.

..... I wonder if signing up for primary/secondary school took my parents this much effort?

Kaba Modern Legacy dancing at the Louvre

Mmm I may be a bigger fan of Jap-style hip hop now (thanks to the likes of Inez and videos of WOC), but I still love watching people dance American hip hop. Kenny Wormald, Gigi Torres, Tony Tran and Mike Song in particular. ;)

And yessss from this video you can tell that Tony Tran's choreography and solo is PURELY for himself. Himself and himself only. Somewhat like O School's Zaihar..... distinctively unique style.

Oh great Dome Piece just started playing on my iTunes. Sick trackkkk, honest!

Mike Song I pray that you and your amazing choreographies to dubstep doesn't turn this genre into something mainstream. I PRAY.

p.s. Speaking of dubstep.....

...HOW CUTE IS THIS BABY!? Dubstep baby. Hell to the yeah.

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