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Monday, February 07, 2011


Haven't really blogged for a long time. Have been a real lazy kid tryna juggle work, dancing and whatnot.

T'was a happy day yesterday after meeting the dancers yesterday to sess. Inez taught me AnAn's choreo and I'm honestly quite shocked that I could catch up. Sappy as it sounds, dance has been my passion since ever. Hur corny much.

Someday I'll be as good as Tony Tran and Kenny Wormald. HAHAHA

Anywho. On the way to work now so yes I'm blogging from my iPhone say whut! And yeah it's 10am and I'm still at Tanah Merah. Ugh. Either I need to stop dilly-dallying, or I should just find another job no?? I don't know.. I guess I'm sick of working somewhere like REAL far.

To digress (yet again), I have to choose between meeting the bros for dinner and CNY at Yingpeng's house or meeting my girlies to sess at *SCAPE again after work. I'd call YP by his English name but saying Jack + place = Jack's Place haha the sailors couldn't get over that when we first figured. I miss them all so much really. But I guess that's what's amazing about this CCA cuz thanks to it I had a family away from family.

And oh, to digress one last time, I can't figure what to do to my hair. I'm already bored of my hair. Was thinking of snippin it slightly below shoulder length but I'll prolly miss my highlights and my red + copper brown + ash blonde hair and highlights. This hair colour was a total coincidence cuz after all the dyeing it just faded to this colour. Oh well..


Ugh I'm late for work c'mon trainnnn let's go let's go PALI PALI

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