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Sunday, February 20, 2011

On Replay

Tribute to my old, healthier hair that I miss so much :'(

And oh, my way better complexion.

Yeah my hair's shorter now. 'Nuff said.

(And my complexion shittier too thanks to all my scars. Itchy hands + bouts of skin becoming really, REALLY dry = awful scars)

I miss my old hair (the one in the first photo, before I decided to become some rebellious shiat and highlighted my hair.. ugh worst decision ever it changed me so much) and old fringe sigh. Really thinking of redyeing my hair to dark brown or black to get rid of the highlights!

Okay but whatev, my hair dries so much faster now so I'm thankful for that especially since I like to sleep after showering.

Da girlies are auditioning for the CJ Crew tomorrow via Project Up! Good luck to my dear babiessss I hope y'all do well and become a part of CJ Crew ;)

I didn't wanna audition initially. The hastle of remembering and editing my old sec2 choreo was too tiring for me to even think of....... okay no that's pure crap because I was just LAZY.

But yeah in the end I decided to just give it a shot since all my lovely dance girlies are too! Since I have work again tomorrow I'll have to audition alone next Sunday. Like really alone-alone because no one else is auditioning next week!

Was at Cass's belated 18th birthday BBQ earlier after work. YES MY LIFE REVOLVES AROUND WORK NOW, I SEE THAT TOO UGH :'(

Missed the girls so much!

Anyways a while back there was something that bothered them... and right here right now I would like to tell y'all that I love my beloved girls which are Joey Tan, Cassandra Wong, Chia Shanai and Eileen Chua-the-muogutou!

I hope y'all know that regardless of what goes on around me I'll never forget you guys and that you'll always have a special place in my heart because I love you that much. Thanks for being around when no one else was, and thanks for believing in me and helping me fix my self-esteem and whatnot when I needed it the most. Y'all will never understand how truly thankful I am for a group of friends like you girls. This space would never be enough for me to express my love and gratitude for you all, and the fact that I'll always have your back(s) and vice versa(s). MUAHHHH.

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