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Friday, June 20, 2014

You'll Never Know

Ironic that when I feel as if I need a break, I come to my blog.

Everything's been so overwhelming recently, and I'm glad I'm taking it well.

1:49pm and I'm finally done with the cutting of our competition song – just one day before the competition. Phew! *wipes sweat off forehead*

This week's been crazy, what with training till 10.30pm every night. I wake up every morning exhausted and more sick than the night before, but also more optimistic of the competition than I was the day before. Can't believe we just finished up the whole item last night, and that we're just getting our costumes (yay to getting new boots) today! C'mon my dearest SDB girls, last lap! We can do it!

It's crazy what focusing on oneself does for the individual.

Now that I finally have some time to clear my mind and detoxify my emotions, I finally am thinking better and doing things for myself, because I want to and not because I feel the need to do it for others/to please others.

So I guess I may eventually pick up Korean (lol stopped it just after learning how to write the characters, major fail) and Japanese again, and maybe take the JLPT with Elie's guidance.

And piano.

Yes, I just need $400 to fix the broken digital piano that Elie wants to sell to me...

Hahaha it's weird but I haven't felt this independent for the longest time, and to feel this way again is absolutely amazingggg!!! I finally feel so much more in control of myself.

So much shit has happened to me over the past few days, but I'll take it all in my stride and handle it when I need to.

After all this, I really feel that I should treat myself to a nice meal with my bros, or our favourite dessert: gelatoooo. :)

I just wished I had more time to actually bake. Then again, my electric beater spoilt a couple of weeks back, so I'm left with hand-whisking everything I bake and I'm telling you that shit's like a workout. It's like doing arms day at the gym I swear.

So until I get a new electric beater, I won't be baking bigger stuff like cakes :(

Then again, I'll prolly try the macaron recipes I see on Bryon Talbott's YouTube channel! He does it in such small quantities, all without an electric beater!

I've been hooked on watching cooking and baking videos by the likes of Bryon Talbott, the guys of SORTED (like Ben. Oh Ben you're such a cute geek I love you), and more recently, Donal Skehan.

Guys that can bake (and cook) are just... *inserts heartshaped eyes and mouth opened with drool dripping down here*

Oh well, here's a happy picture of me in Korea to end off this post. Abrupt ending as I have costume shopping to do!

Picture of me in Korea because I really miss this place and I can't wait to head back there when I can! Wait for me, Korea! :)

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