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Friday, June 13, 2014

4:31am Thoughts

It amazes me how time really flies by when you don't notice it.

So earlier on, the hot weather here in Singapore chased me into my room (where I turned on the air-conditioning, despite my horrible cough). I looked at my clock and figured, yeah it's only 2:50am now, I guess I could look for a few more songs on YouTube before I go to bed.

The next thing I knew, I looked up only to realise it was already 3:55am.

Ugh, time.

Was planning to try baking macarons for tomorrow.

After 4 attempts, I feel as though it was my fate – I was made to eat and enjoy them, not bake them...

..then I found Bryon Talbott on YouTube.

Words can't describe what a relief it was to find someone who made making macarons (whoa that's a mouthful) so simple. Plus his recipes are small in terms of quantity. I suppose that would make my heart ache a lot less whenever I have to throw out all my ruined macaron mixtures. Almond meal IS NOT CHEAP.

So yes, if I am able to find the time (and the piping bags) I need to try making macarons for the 5th time tomorrow... then again I have to make a trip to my workplace to submit my time sheet, meet Sam and Chuhui at City Hall after for Sushi Express, and then go costume shopping.

It's hard to believe that our competition's only 8 days away.

Do come down to sarpork my awesome crew if you're free!

21st June 2014 (Saturday)
Bishan Junction 8
Atrium, Level 2

This is the first time I'm participating in a competition so close to home and I'm so thankful for that kind of luck! Even more thankful when I found out that stage runs would be from 8am-10am!

On a random sidenote, my life seems to be getting back on track.

I've been a wreck for the longest time. Each time I thought things were starting to look up and started having a bit of hope, I realised how much I was trying to lie to myself. 

Trust me, that feeling's just plain horrible.

I finally decided to pack and clear out some stuff in my room, which hasn't been neat since my birthday 2 months ago. I would wake up every morning stepping on/kicking/tripping/stumbling over something on the ground, which annoyed the shit out of me.

Well you know what they say, if you have a cluttered room, it says something about how your life is at the moment.

I've also found a bit more inspiration of late, and also feel as though my independence is slowly coming back to me, so hurrah!

Another situation has been bogging me down. Then again I'm glad we're both willing to work it out!

While life isn't completely awesome right now, I'll take what I can and be thankful for it. :)

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