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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tick, Check!

Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of photos, ever since I brought Cammie baby (er, my DSLR) to Nepal and brought it back with a hairline crack in the lens, I haven't been able to take decent shots without having to go through the tedious process of photoshopping it away.

Thing is, I'm extremely OCD about stuff like that, and the whole cycle of shoot-edit-not good-edit again is really time consuming and right now what I don't have is the luxury of time.

I need to get a new camera, doubt I'll have enough money to get a Canon DSLR as I initially intended to due to the fact I'll be traveling to Korea for a week (grad trip woohoo!) and then Japan with the boyfriend after.. but if anyone has suggestions on good compact cameras that are somewhat DSLR quality, do let me know!

I've done a few things to tick off my bucket list/list of things to do!

☑ Watch a football match with friend(s) in our respective team jerseys:

If you did notice, I was wearing the jersey from the 09/10 home kit that my uncle bought for me as a "continue your hard work for 'O' Levels!" gift. It's my favourite Arsenal jersey, but I can't wear it out.

And yes if you were wondering, it has Nasri's number and name on it, which explains why I can't wear it out. Oh just some of the things I regret doing the most...

Getting his name and number on my favourite Arsenal jersey would be one of the stupidest mistakes of my life that would sadly stick with me till the day I die.

☑ Get a new phone

I finally got a new phone!

My dad's finally back in Singapore (he works overseas and comes home from time to time), and therefore I had the chance to change my phone which I desperately needed to do.

It's not that I'm spoilt and feel the need to get new stuff, but I've been using my iPhone 4 for almost 3-4 years and it's dying this really tragic, slow death in the form of extreme lag and shutting down applications as and when it deems fit. 

Can't really make calls out without people on the other end going, "Hello? Hello? Sorry are you still there cuz your voice is really muffled! HELLO?!" with their voices increasing in volume.

Since there was only stock for the space grey in 32GB, I decided (dejectedly) that I should just settle for it and convince myself it's my fate since I'm impatient and couldn't be bothered to wait anymore.

My parents were traveling to Genting for the weekend, so we rushed down to the nearest outlet located at Causeway Point which had stock for the 5S in space grey.

When we got there and saw the display model for the iPhone 5S Silver, I think my mom saw how sad and disappointed I was since I had to settle for black (and I really loved the gold one). 

Yeah I'll admit that whenever I'm disappointed, I can't hide it at all. It's just really obvious and the words "DISAPPOINTED, THIS GIRL IS" is written all over my forehead.

She went over to the counter and asked if they had any stock for any white iPhone models, in which the guy serving us replied, "Oh yeah I think we have one last one left for silver..... let me check." and I was like "Oh God there's one left? If it's silver I'll take it still!"

He came back giving this look, which made me feel like I should just give up and that the subtle puppy eyes look I was going for was failing me tragically.

"Hi erm yeah we have one last model.. for the gold one. Are you okay with that?"


I was so happy I hugged my mom and kissed her on the cheek, which I haven't done for a while and I guess she was a little taken aback since I seldom hug my parents.

After the signing of a few documents and the typical procedure of checking for scratches (I couldn't be bothered really, since it was the last model I just wanted it, scratches or not)...

..hello my beautiful iPhone 5S, and welcome to the family!

Pretty 5S box placed beside my old iPhone 4 boxes (yes, I had 2 of the same model cuz back in Year 1 it either got stolen or that I misplaced it and only realised hours later, felt really bad cuz my parents had to get me a new one a couple of months later even though it was my fault) for comparison. Look at that beauty!

Here's a selfie taken with my new phone because yeah most girls can't resist testing out the cameras on their new phones by taking numerous selfies:

I love how filters automatically clears out a lot of my acne scars, which are still visible on my chin.

The day my skin becomes that clear would be the happiest day of my life because I've had bad skin since I first broke out in pri 5 :( a few friends I've known since young have told me that it's getting better though and that my scars are only around my nose, chin and under my cheekbones now! YAY.

Ironically, it got better after I stopped dumping products all over my face. Before this I used like 5 different products before sleeping and they all made my acne/scars worse.

Don't learn from me though, everyone's skin reacts differently to different things.

Hope y'all have a good week ahead, and happy Sunday!

(Talk about abrupt endings.)

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