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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Diary of an Insomniac

G'evening folks.

It's currently 4:25am and I'm finding it extremely hard to fall asleep even though I've successfully managed to switch my body clock back to the point where I'd start getting sleepy by 11pm.

I guess it's also because my right eye hurts quite bad now.

Not a 10/10 kind of pain, more like the pain that annoys you and I'm tearing nonstop because of the pain in my eye. It's as if something's pressing down on it and I can't afford to miss a whole day tomorrow really (but at this rate I see myself missing the only morning class we have) because 

1) my group has CA consultation at 12:30pm
2) Poly 50 and I'm running for CASS Club

I'm feeling really insecure about my weight.

I've gotten comments saying I look like I've lost weight? Which might be true because I am eating clean now and I train whenever I feel up to it.

Of course I still indulge and the past two weeks have been cheat weeks. Totally binged throughout and gave in to my cravings!

Oh wait, did you hear that? Yeah, that's my effort going down the damned drain.

Gwen, it's time to be more disciplined!

Body's not on my side now. Its repeatedly screaming "REST! REST! I NEED REST!"

Sorry body, I would love to treat you to some TLC because it's after Waves.. but right now I have so much to catch up on and I can't afford to rest even though I would love to.

Time to try getting some shut eye before TA consultation later on.

Laters, baby.


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