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Monday, November 12, 2012

Waves 17

...... is over. 
A huge thank you to my friends and family that came down to watch the production - I hope it wasn't a letdown!

Out of the two Waves I've been a part of, this was definitely the most trying and tiring. Well I guess I can't say for sure because I've only been a part of two Waves production and not more? But I can dare say I'll never struggle this hard again for other events I'll be a part of.

Broke down so many times, lost myself in the process.

I fought an internal war with myself. All everyone saw were smiles and joy slapped over my face but I died inside with each and every practice, every rehearsal. I isolated myself, made myself more lonely, becoming this person I am totally the opposite of. I was depressed everyday, and nothing I did could make me feel better about myself or my situation.

I hated myself for being this weak.

But I'm thankful I have good friends that brought me back - or rather, slapped me back (not literally) - to reality.

Just in time, too. I worked my ass off for the shirt and the booklet, even though I'd say 90% of the work was all Geisel. She stayed strong when her pub partner crumbled, so thank you. No one else but her saw the struggle I went through but she stuck by me through it all.

A huge thank you to my fellow main comm members, whom I can never thank enough for being such an awesome committee.

I am thankful to be in this batch, this committee.


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