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Monday, October 07, 2013

ComCrop and Gym Fun!

Had such a fun Saturday!

Started off my morning feeling really unwell. My stomach has been horrible recently so I guess I should watch my food intake. Been considering taking a food intolerance/allergy test to see which foods I react negatively to because I'm quite sick of getting so bloated all the time, it's super uncomfortable.

Decided not to let my stomach get the better of me, so I got myself up and out early in the morning to head down to *Scape

Nope, not for dance, but to do CIP for comcrop with Team Nepal 5!

(Missing Herman and Wisely, who went for some army talk, Zuan and Atikah, who went to work and my AMK bruddah Yeeyuan)

Apart from the crazy heat we had to endure from 10am-2pm (most of us got really obvious tanlines, especially watch and glove ones), I thought it was pretty fun. Unlike my dad, I'm not one with a green thumb though.

It's crazy hard work – I got cut a few times by those plastic things you see infront of us in the photo.

After our debrief, we went to grab dessert at Honeymoon Dessert @ 313. Finally!

I love my crazy Nepal 5ers (fivers), especially my group of food buddies. We started out total strangers but now most of us have forged this bond.. it's crazy.

To digress a bit, we had Indian food @ Komalas last week and I'm having this mad craving for the cottage cheese curry that Aryanh ordered!

The rest of our food was disappointing, especially since I had briyani that was a lot better at Changi Airport's T3 Kopitiam (dad and I used to have that at work pretty often because it was so good).

Then again Arynah's delicious curry and the amazing company made up for the food that was so-so.

Getting back to Saturday, I accompanied Arynah to get her ukulele at Peninsula Shopping Centre after and nope, I didn't get mine which I'm kinda bummed out about cuz I don't have the excess cash to splurge on something like that :(

Saw this guy testing out the guitars before making his purchase and he was so good. Then he started playing Hotel California! *_*

I'm planning on restringing my guitar and learning it again. Either that or getting a ukulele since Alvin taught me some basic stuff (duuuude you were supposed to help me restring my guitar!) while we were in Nepal and I really enjoyed playing the ukulele even though my hands are kinda big for it.

Arynah kept laughing when she asked me to strum a chord or two while we tested the ukuleles and she said it was damn funny watching my hands bend uncomfortably because it was way bigger than the neck of the ukulele!

Oh well, can't wait for Alvin to teach me how to play the guitar again!

Headed back to meet the bros for dinner and ice-cream from AMK Hub for dessert. Yay to free pizzas! All we had to pay for was the sides that we ordered hehehe I mean who doesn't like (free) pizza!?

I love my sailing bros so much and I'm so thankful we got a lot closer after one random gathering! My sailing family will always be my first-second family :)

Sunday saw me waking up early for a gym session at Gymm Boxx XL with Cass and Jack!

So proud of Cass for pushing herself today! And thanks Jack for all the advice while we were there!

Gymm Boxx XL recently opened at the 4th floor of Bishan CC and it's soooo nice! Even the toilet's nice, which explained why Cass and I decided to camwhore in there hehe. Mandatory after-gym shot (and no I didn't gym in denim shorts, I just changed out after our session)!

Signed up for Zumba classes with Shanai at Bishan CC last week too – it's gonna be one crazy month rushing down from my office to class but it'll be worth it!

2007 (2004 for Shanai) till now :*

I've to work on strengthening my legs, which would in turn help my knee problem. My knees have been affecting me a lot the past few days and I can't walk without feeling pain in my right knee especially if I run or climb stairs.

It's really sickening because if I go out for a whole day my knees start to hurt so bad and it just affects my overall mood, but oh well :(

I'm now trying to eat as clean as possible, and to make better choices when I'm eating out!

Gonna go experiment on overnight oats now so toooooodleloooooooo!

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