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Sunday, March 11, 2012

WongFU LIVE in Singapore

People infront of us getting interviewed!

All the merchandise.

Bought myself a WongFu lanyard hehe

Something I made for Phil, Wes and Ted!

Aaaaaaand the show's starting!

They started off by showing clips from their short films..

A fellow WongFu Productions fan! She bumped into Wes at the toilet and she told us how awkward it was but she was so happy about it.

This guy at the VIP seat was bored out of his wits I swear.

Naz was so pissed off, she was like "And then he's just sitting down there texting and texting and texting and he doesn't even care about the show!", trying to imply that we should've gotten the VIP seats since we're more appreciative of the WongFu LIVE show.


Naz's secondary school junior!

She's gonna be a freshie at DMC this coming school year!
Very excited. She's super high and all. Hope to see her at CASS FOC (if I get to be GL)

"This is THE sofa that Phil and Wes sat in! Hurry hurry take photos in it!"


So we did with some new friends we made at the show

Fans with the Meet & Greet tickets lining up for the session.....

And that's that. Was so excited that I got to meet WongFu, even though not personally because I didn't manage to get the Meet & Greet tickets in time. Was talking to Naz and Razis about it over our McDonalds' ice-cream, and we all felt like it was a dream.

Thank you for being such an inspiration

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