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Monday, April 28, 2014

Turning 21 (Part 1)

So.. this post comes 20 days late.

(That's just light being reflected off the 'g', not rust!)

But hey, I'm officially 21!

(I'll be breaking down this post into two parts due to me and my habit of 'talking' a lot here, and also because I have a lot of photos to upload.)

Initially I gave up any idea of holding a birthday party when I found out that the ideal chalet I wanted to hold it at (NSRCC) was fully booked during my birthday week.

One night, I went to Wimbly Lu for desserts with my man and on the way home, we discussed what we wanted to do for our birthdays. That was when he told me he could help me book something even better than NSRCC: Treehouse Villas!

We weighed out the pros and cons, and with the backing of a few friends who assured me that this wouldn't be a flop, we decided to go ahead with the booking of the chalet.

Russ booked the 9th-11th of April for me, with the party being on the 10th – 2 days after my actual party. This caused my mom to make a bit of noise, saying "Why must you celebrate it after the 8th? We're Chinese and normally the Chinese will only celebrate before or on the actual date itself, not after!"

Weeeeeeell I understand it's a bit weird, but with only 2 weeks to the party I really needed all the time I could get to plan it and execute it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist here, you see, and I have this perfect idea in my head which I fully intended to execute.

On 9th of April, I got there at about 5.30 to check in and settle down.

The chalet was beeeeeeautiful! Honestly the prettiest chalet I've been to.

Seriously, the likes of Aloha Loyang cannot compare.

This was the toilet upstairs. The bigger toilet downstairs had doors at the side which led out to the outdoor shower, didn't take a picture of it but it was amazing! 

You could even fill it up with water so it becomes like a tub, but it was really dirty there (with lizard shit and all) so I didn't dare try.

Quin came over after work at about 7. From there we started to make the deco while chatting over a cup of instant hot chocolate she brought for us.

I didn't take much photos of the chalet itself because my DSLR hasn't been fixed yet, but Jerald helped me to snap some shots when he and Becca came over to chill and help with the deco.

Master bedroom

We stayed up till roughly 2am cutting all the triangles and tying them to the trees.

May look simple, but making bunting from scratch is hard – not to mention tiring – work!

Thanks for all the help girls (and Jerald)!

More on day 2 and the actual party in the next part :)

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